Avoid Few Foods While Taking Carvedilol!

Keep away from certain foods while you are on your carvedilol medication.


When these types of foods interact with
carvedilol it can escalate your blood pressure level or can also dull your motor skills or
may be worse. Moreover, while taking this medication you also must drive away from
taking multivitamins and kale is full of vitamin K.


Carvedilol is a beta-blocker when encounters
caffeine and drinks reduces the effectiveness of drugs. Hence it is suggested by the heart
specialists better to avoid beverages and caffeine containing foods. Moreover,
consumption of alcohol is also forbidden because it causes high blood pressure and

Avoid Few Foods While Taking Carvedilol!


Foods which contain high amount of potassium, calcium, sodium, and magnesium cannot go along
with carvedilol. Consumption of these can refute the effectiveness of carvedilol in
reducing blood pressure.
▪ FOR EXAMPLE: High intake of potassium is dangerous while on carvedilol drug.
therefore, patients should avoid foods like avocados (source of vitamin K), Spinach
(vitamin K, folate, vitamin A and also magnesium), Bananas (vitamin B6, potassium,
magnesium and manganese).

▪ Calcium rich foods are also avoided strictly like dairy product yogurt which is full of
(phosphorous, potassium, vitamin B2 and vitamin B12). Full-Fat cheese is high in fat and
calories which is not good for heart patients. Furthermore, Cheese is also full of sodium
that can elevate your blood pressure, certainly not good for your health.

▪ Rich sodium foods interaction reduces the carvedilol effectiveness. Examples of such
foods are salted nuts, legumes, meats, and poultry foods.

▪ Foods that have high quantity of magnesium are dark chocolate, avocados, tofu, and fatty
fishes. It has been said that “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”. Hence if you
want to become healthy then avoid taking risk and drive yourself away from magnesium
rich foods while on carvedilol medication.

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