Interesting Facts Of Why Mental Health Is Important?

Mental health is very important to live a happy and healthy life. Mental health must be considered a priority. One point to be noted is that mental health is as crucial as physical health and chronic diseases (diabetes, asthma, cancer, and arthritis). Peace of mind is an essential aspect of being mentally healthy.

  • Mental health is about taking good care of your own self.
  • It is about Spending quality time with yourself.
  • It is about how mentally well you are.
  • It is about feeling good most of the time.
  • It is about enjoying every moment in life and have the optimistic energy to do so.
  • It is the ability to cope the challenges in real world.
  • It is about feeling pleasured and happy being around the people because it also keeps you mentally healthy.

The problem arises when you are not satisfied what you have. When you are not fully happy. When you are too afraid to discuss about your feeling to others. When you are emotionally broken, and a thought crosses you that no one in the entire world will understand you. All these thoughts lead you directly to mental illness and this is a grave issue. This is the high time when you really need someone to talk to open up to. To discuss about your mental health is not sick it is to cure sickness.

At any cost do not neglect mental health issues. Mental health is also vital because if you are not in a healthy state of mind you are at higher risk to have physical problems. For example, people involve in destructive activities like drinking alcohol, using drugs, indulge in gambling.


Most of the times we are not aware of how we are hurting the others. Some people are overly sensitive that is why they become the victim of mental illness. The key point to be noted here is that mental illnesses affected 13 percent children, 46 percent teenagers, and 19 percent adults every year. But sadly, only half of them get proper treatments because negative connotations are attached to the word mental illness. Mentally ill person can be next to you, may be your friend, sibling, colleague, Neighbor, relative, stranger so we should avoid using these words like; PSYCHO, MANIAC, WEIRDO, SCREWBALL, BASKET CASE, LUNATIC because we are not aware how much these terms can hurt the person.

According to AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION, mental illness is a health condition which comprises of changing in emotions, personal behavior and thinking.


NAMI stands for NATIONAL ALLIANCE ON MENTAL ILLNESS discusses about the symptoms of mental illnesses. Let’s dig deep into it.

  • If you are feeling depressed or sad which last more than two weeks.
  • If you are feeling that your mood swings are sudden from anger to extreme emotional state.
  • If your anxiety and worry got out of control and exceeds for more than 6 months, then you must consult to some professionals of mental health.
  • If you are isolating yourself from others.
  • If you are sleeping too little or too much. When you are sleeping more than enough it means you are sad or depressed.
  • This is one of the severe symptoms of mental illnesses when you are experiencing hallucinations and delusions.
  • If you are overly emotional and extremely angry.
  • If the thoughts of suicide and self-harm crosses your mind, then you need help from professional mental health doctors.


Mental health is a social issue and the biggest example of this is COVID-19. This virus spread in the entire world and become the pandemic. COVID-19 effects pessimistically the enormous number of populations. This virus has disturbed people mental health and create a social and economic chaos on large scale. As said by the great Greek philosopher Aristotle ‘a man is a social animal.’ Social activities are too much essential for living a wholesome life, but unfortunately people were confined in their homes to fight against the deadly virus. COVID-19 block the social activities and this in turn create social issue. For example, people cannot go to gym, cannot meet friends, cannot go to family gatherings. People were mentally frustrated, and they start thinking that they will die in suffocation. That is why mental health is never neglected people must have the awareness of their mental health.


Mental health matters because we may not realize what is going on inside the person. Some people become suicidal and try to harm their self. That is why if one is feeling depressed or anxious, they must consult psychiatrist or mental health care professional. Mental health is also a topic of high importance, because it may affect a person in certain ways.

  • The person become overly depressed, less active, sleeping more than usual.
  • Their personal, professional, and physical activities are badly effective by their mental health.

Moreover, the world health organization (WHO) hotly discusses about mental health and mental illnesses and said that one in five adolescents may found suffering from mental health problem in a year. Further research maintains that half of mental health problems are established by the age of puberty and 75% by the age of 24.

Interesting facts of why mental health is important?


If you are aware of your mental health and if you find symptoms of mental illness, then your first and foremost task is to reach out the mental health counselors. You do not need to rush or get panicked just be calm and patient. If you are afraid of anything, take some time and read, research, and explore about it. If you want to deal with your mental health issues than you should learn more about it by reaching to resources like; ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA, PSYCHOLOGY TODAY, AND NATIOANL INSTITUTE OF MENTAL HEALTH.


As studies and research shows women are found to have more mental health problems than man. Depression is also common in women than man 1 in 4 women suffers from depression. In man the depression ratio is 1 in 10. When man is stressed, they indulge in other activities like alcohol drinking, or drugs usage. It must be said that about 25% women died of suicide and women are overly emotional and sensitive. Moreover, physical and sexual abuse leave a long-term impact on women mind which directly affect their mental health. Women repressed their true feelings because of which depression and eating disorder are also common in women.

  • Use your body to be active and energetic.
  • Eat the right food because that in real sense boost up your mental capability.
  • You must clean your colon because psychological disturbance and colon is connected.
  • Build yourself for wellbeing and for to do that you must make harmony between your body, your mind, your energy and your emotions. If you can manage it than you are a healthy mind and body.
  • If you are suffering from traumatic event than you must read this book “THE BODY KEEPS THE SCORE.”
  • If you are in extreme anxiety, read this book “HOPE AND HELP FOR YOUR NERVES: END ANXIETY NOW.”
  • If you are a woman who lives in abusive relationship and trying hard to overcome it then the book you read is “HEALING THE TRAUMA OF ABUSE: A WOMEN WORKBOOK.”
  • If you are an extreme sensitive person and think about small things, then you read the book “THE HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSON: HOW TO THRIVE WHEN THE WORLD OVERWHELEM YOU.”

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