How Mindfulness Improves Your Mental Health

In a daily routine we face many anxiety situations and there is a war and clash in our mind. We either take our past and thought about by showing pessimistic attitude towards the past. There are so many questions that arose in our mind. If the past experience is negative and suffering than our mind arouses questions in different pessimistic way like why I did this or that? Why this happened to me? Why I didn’t took a right decision at that time?

Why I was suffered at that or if suffered no one was there to console me or help me? Why he or she showed that type of behavior towards me? And so on….

A huge amount of wandering thoughts and questions prevail in our mind daily regarding the past or as well as the future. The future oh gosh! A huge problem for us sometimes when we take it too serious or think about it too much.

Thinking about the future at the above range and worried too much creates troublesome situation for us and let your thoughts wandering in the past that gives us pain, both the states whether past or future that is taken above the normal thinking range disturbs the mental stability of a person and ultimately weakens the health of a person. Because mental unhealthiness leads to the physical unhealthiness


 Mindfulness is actually to hold your thoughts or to grip your thoughts for an instant in order to avoid the self criticism and judgement by focusing on your thoughts and feelings for while and observe. Mindfulness is the other name of meditation or you can say it is a reflection of one another.

Mindfulness is to provide healthy maintenance of your mind which ultimately results in the healthiness of your body. Mindfulness relax your mind by focusing the mind in a specific direction or specific area or spot.

The way you perform a task or a goal or watch something or listen or whatever you do just to focus on that very thing. As we are doing one thing but our thoughts are wandering in our mind and some distracted thought clicks our mind and we are doing and performing one thing but our thoughts are prevailing somewhere else.

Methods that should be opti for Mindfulness:

There are various ways for the meditation or mindfulness to be practice. It is up to the person’s interest that which method should be opt in order to gain mindfulness by removing all negative un wanted and prevailing thoughts that seems to be un healthy. However I would recommend the following mediation methods that how to practice mindfulness.

  1. Set daily goals for yourself: In order to avoid anxiety depression and wandering thoughts, set daily goals for yourself. When you set a goal you will work for it and it keeps you busy and it will prevent you from the unwanted thoughts that are unnecessary. Because if you want a healthy and successful life tie it to a goal not to people. You will think that it’s not the solution because the mental anxieties prevent you to do anything and you have no more courage to do anything but I would say that if you are lying there and not moving an inch how could you be to get out from that darkness phase .You have to take a step forward in order to make yourself mentally healthy and the solution is just to keep yourself busy and make goals on the routine bases. Come one God have created you for some purpose. Don’t let yourself to be destroyed.
  1. Meditation: Now by meditation you can listen songs or watch a movie or a drama serial or what you want to watch or listen. Listen to your favorite songs whether pop music, classical music, traditional music whatever you like. But by watching and listening you have to focus on that very piece that you listen or watch never let your thoughts be wander here and there. Because the main purpose of Mindfulness is to focus on your present movement. 
  2. .Doing exercise: Exercise is the most recommended thing in all aspects regarding health. Try to exercise on daily basis. You have to take a step because in order to gain something you have to work for it. No lunch is free in this world. You have to work for in order to gain something. Do a regular walk and exercise whether it is Yoga or other push up exercise. I would again say that you have to focus on the exercise that you perform or do.
  3. Write: Writing is a best therapy for maintaining mental stability. Whatever comes in your mind just write it. The benefit is that the focus will be on the words you write and it will soothes you. It will give you relief by releasing stress. The stoppings that lies inside you causes mental stress and anxiety when you write it down it will stimulate your mental stability. Writing is very necessary for the Mindfulness

Benefits of Mindfulness:

There are various benefits of Mindfulness. Some of them are mention below:

Reduction in stress: Mindfulness reduces stress and helps in the health maintenance of brain.

Removes anxiety: Mindfulness fights with the wandering unwanted and useless thoughts that cause worriedness and decrease the anxiety.

Focus is fruitful: Mindfulness helps the person on the present situation and increases the efficiency rate for the brain and as well the work or task to be performed.

Medical benefits: Mindfulness increases the capability of healthy life physically as well as mentally. When you are mentally healthy it will definitely brings physical health. Having both mentally and physically healthy the chances of the survival increases, it brings positivity and happiness in the life of yours as well as the life of others. Mindfulness reduces the stress level and regulates the pressure of the blood smoothly and helps to fight with the heart diseases. Mindfulness helps the person to sleep better.  also read on wikipedia.

How To Mindfulness Improves your Mental Health

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