To be healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally is very crucial for a person. As stated by
Sadh guru “Health is the root word of whole.” In true essence ‘health is wealth’ as we all know
it. The updated definition of health was given by the world health organization that health is the
complete physical, spiritual, social, and mental state of being.
 To properly maintain your health, you should follow certain routines.
 You must use your body so you will feel more active, attractive, and energetic.
 You must connect with your surrounding nature so you will feel more optimistic
freshness in yourself.
 You must eat healthy and fresh foods because proper meal boosts up your mental health
and enhance your physical health. It also makes you more stable.
 You must clean your colon because it is the basic function of the body to clean itself. One
key point to be noted here is that psychological disturbance and colon is connected.
 You must mold yourself for well-being that means use your whole body, energy, mind,
and emotions. If you can harmonize among them then you are one healthy mind and


Triangle of health has been extensively discussed in the whole notion of health. Health triangle
mainly about the three pivotal aspects of health. That includes,
 Physical Health.
Mental Health.
 Social Health.
These three are the dimensions of health and they all are interconnected with each other. If one
dimension of heath triangle is suffering the other two will directly affected by it. So, all must be
intact equally. If you want to become the fully healthy person then you must maintain health
Let’s discuss each dimension of health triangle.


To manage and maintain your physical health you should develop certain habits in yourself.
Exercise daily, sleep properly, rest your whole body, take care of your emotional health, properly
hygiene yourself, usage of alcohol and drugs can cause you real harm and finally take nutrients
full diet.


Exercise is very requisite for your physical health. When you use your muscles, you become
active, fit, attractive, and, smart. Exercise maintains your weight and you feel confident. Not
only this it also saves you from chronic diseases (diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and heart diseases).
The best time of exercise is in the morning with beautiful fresh air. It tranquilizes your mind and
control your mood. Exercise also boosts up your immunity level.


Sleep is very essential for your physical health. Sleep is vital to relax your organs and the most
important organ is brain which needs rest to function properly. Key point to note is that our brain
still awakes while we are sleeping but not as active when we are conscious. To be physically
active adults needs at least 8 hours sleep and children needs 8-9 hours’ sleep. Power naps are
equally important as sleep. 10-20 minutes power naps make you fresh and physically and
mentally energetic.


We all get tired from continuous work, studies, parenting, and playing. So, we need a little break
to relax our eyes, our fatigued muscles, and to relax our minds. How to do it; sit in a peaceful
corner, or in nature and listen to peaceful instrumental music. These are all strategies to give rest
to your body.


The consumptions of alcohol, drugs and other harmful substances ruins your physical health. It
also manipulates your mind.


Nutrients are small components of food which helps you to grow healthy. The right intake of
nutrients keeps you away from diseases. There are seven types of nutrients which are pivotal for
your physique.
 Minerals as in nuts and seeds, shellfish, cocoa, tropical fruits, and leafy greens.
 Carbohydrates as in lentils, milk, oats, apples, berries, and brown rice.
 Proteins as in eggs, meats, seafood, yogurt, beans, and nuts.
 Vitamins as in orange, strawberries, kiwi, carrots, and sweet potatoes.
 Water as in watermelon, celery, pineapple, and cucumbers.
 Fiber as in apples, raspberries, bananas, kidney beans, and almonds.
 Fats as in cheese, dark chocolates, chia seeds, and extra virgin olive oil.
Physical health is also dependent on your cleanness. You should clean your whole body in this
way you can prevent yourself from infections. When your body is clean you also feel calm, relax
and fresh.


Emotions play a vital role in your physical and mental health. Emotions can affect your health.
When you feel stressed, anxiety, sadness, and depression you should consult doctors or health


mental health
is as essential as physical health. One should not neglect the mental health. As
asserted by AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION Mental health is a condition of
changes in emotions, thoughts, and personal behavior.
Mental health is about being optimistically active and zestful.
 It is about living a cheerful, happy, and wholesome life.
 It is about getting enough sleep, mental wellness, feeling good most of the time.
 It is about to indulge in exercise, eat proper meal and enlarge your social circle, and share
emotions with your family and friends.
 It is about resolve issues and fight challenges in your daily life.
To discuss, learn and research about your mental issues is not something ill. It is about to cure
your sickness. Most of the people do not get proper treatment because negative connotations are
attached to the term mental health and mental illnesses.
Here are some of the major symptoms of mental illness: If you feel depressed and sad and it lasts
more than 2 weeks. If your mood swing instantly changes. If you are sleeping more than enough
or no sleeping at all. If you are isolating yourself from others. And finally, if you are facing
difficulty dealing with real life issues. If you are facing symptoms of mental illness then you
should consult to professional mental healthcare doctors and councilors.


It is the final health triangle. Social health is about how you interact and adapt in your community.
It has nothing to do with your functioning of the body. Social health can also be defined as, to have
responsibility, collaboration, respect, and courtesy. Research studies discussed about the fact that
a healthy social life improves human health. Active social life can strengthen and boost your mind
and health. It includes how society and members of society interchange and communicate their
ideas with each other. Social health is about how you cope up in professional relationships,
romantic relationship, friendship, and family relations.


 It decreases nostalgia and feeling of anxiousness and depression.
 If you are good at socializing with friends, and your community then you become more
 It maintains the harmony between physical and mental health.
 If your friends are encouraging, then it enhances your happiness and lessen your stress.
 If you engineer yourself to build a relationship with people who have same interest as you
then you are socially healthy person.
 Make a habit of saying yes to social events and participate in work it helps you connect
with the community.
 Last but not the least always communicate your fears and doubts with your family members
because they are your real and first support system. Family is the one who eliminates stress,
and negativity in your life.
To sum up, all three triangles of health (physical, mental, and social) if they are equally managed
then you are completely a healthy person. If you are ambitious of maintaining only one or two
triangles of health, then you are at risk this can directly lead you to health imbalance.


4- STEP 1- Physical examination with your healthcare doctor is essential. If you want to
make sure you are physically healthy and your physical needs are being met, so keep in
touch with your physical routine checkups.
5- STEP 2- Exercise daily and make it a habit. THE CENTERS FOR DISESASE
CONTROL AND PREVENTION proposed that adults should get indulge in 20 minutes
aerobics exercise in five days a week. Strolling daily and take a walk after dinner.
6- STEP 3- Plan social gatherings with your family, and friends. As stated by THE
UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER MEDICAL CENTER if you interact with people, it
strengthens your social health triangle. Furthermore, you can also save yourself from
depression and mental health issues.
7- STEP 4- Make sure that you express your feelings to your loved ones. This way you will
be mentally healthy. According to THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF FAMILY
PHYSICIANS, if you repressed your emotions, it could cause negative effects on your
mental health.


To conclude, so far discussion was about firstly how to take care of your health. Secondly, health
triangle comprises on three health dimension physical health, mental health, and social health.
Thirdly if you want to achieve optimal wellness then you should maintain and manage your health
triangle. Finally evaluate your health triangle regularly.

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